Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Suffolk round-up

Whenever we're together the Dadisms involuntarily flow. Here's a round-up of some that Beck and I found ourselves saying in Suffolk.

- Referring to people not by name but by the relation they are to the person you're talking to. For instance: "Can you pass that to your auntie?"

- Dolly bird. [Come to think of it have we had "nice pair of nylons" yet?]

- "I'll try a glass of beer, wine, or whatever". As if you're going to try it and reject it.

- Pipe down [we may have had that one before].

- "Now you're talking!" Usually said, for instance, when cream is presented to accompany an otherwise uninspiring dessert [not that Mum produced any of those, of course]. I came out with this when Beck suggested egg mayo as the sandwich filling.

- "Can I wipe down the tops with a hot, soapy cloth?" The most important and rhetorical post-prandial gambit - usually followed by an over-zealous, swirling wipe of every surface in sight with sufficient pressure to remove the design from the table mats.

- "Looking after" - in the context of, for instance, "have you looked after the driver?". In other words this is an instruction to provide someone with service that their endeavour barely merits.

- "Worried about". Used to describe something that you have an interest in rather than something of genuine concern.

Pic of the day: Here's Beck with a Pig - at the Black Country open air museum, I think. One of my favourites of Sissy.