Thursday, 28 October 2010

One from the weekend

The kids and I ring the bell of No 140. Beck comes to the door: "No milk today, thank you!"

And another Dadism I thought of recently but was prompted by nothing. A grace: "Good food, good company" - which took much less time than to say that it took to get everyone to stop groaning that a grace was imminent.

Pic of the day: There are more questions than answers with this one. Why is Beck shielding her eyes and who's knee is it? [I would love a leg as straight as that]. The Poode looks like Bertie, I think. I like the way Mum's legs edge into the pic.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


I found myself doing an involuntary Dad-ism the other morning - as I emerged from the shower, I could hear Aidan and Kris in the bedroom, so flung open the door, hair tousled and towel around my middle piece and proclaimed "NEXT!". Rather redundant in our house with just the three of us, but I felt compelled to do it anyway. How we managed to get six people scrubbed and dressed of a morning with one bathroom is something of a logistical mystery to me.

On another note, a mum-ism if you will: Am just down with a nasty cold at the moment and there's still nothing like warm orange juice to take me back to those days when you were sick as a kid. You'd be at home in bed and - once the bedlam of getting everyone else out the door had settled - mum coming upstairs with the warm orange juice. It was made from some concentrate as I recall, but a glass of OJ with a minute in the mic is doing great for me today. Thanks Mum.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

photo feedback and new ism!

Loving the pics, but this one too blurry to make out - assume that's me preening in the foreground...

A song was mentioned on the radio yesterday which immediately made me sing the title (as the only words/tune i knew) because dad used to sing it... "Little man, you've had a busy day!"

Another food-related phrase

When presentation of the dessert isn't all it could be: "Beautifully served!"

Then, if it was a small portion, Dad would say sarcastically: "Can I have less than that?" And Mum would, of course, oblige.

Pic of the day: Who is the third child?

Monday, 11 October 2010

Phrases in a Scottish accent

1 "Co'ot the way!" - as in get out the way.

2. "Pit the licht oot!" - as in put the light out - and often appended with "Johnny" regardless of who the instruction was directed at.

And one other along similar lines but not delivered in a Scottish brogue:

"Is anyone going out again tonight?" asked at 10pm when clearly no-one is going out or even thinking of it.

Pic of the day: I'll beat you all to it with the caption. Yes: two little squirts, ha-ha-ha!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Telling yourself to shut up

Nearly a week has passed without a post ...

Cycling back from collecting B last night I started coughing and couldn't get whatever it was from my throat. "Shut up!" I admonished myself like Dad used to during such coughing fits - when he would rock progressively to the point his backside was practically lifted off the seat.

Pic of the day: God, my head looks huge and doesn't Grannie look fearsome! I remember pushing tennis balls up those holes in the wall.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Tennis again!

Not sure which is a richer seam of dad-isms, food or tennis....

Anyway - today Faye did what Dad would have described as a "frying pan shot". (Incidentally, I played rather well having had some private coaching - so some more tips for you too paul if you would like to contact!)