Friday, 8 October 2010

Telling yourself to shut up

Nearly a week has passed without a post ...

Cycling back from collecting B last night I started coughing and couldn't get whatever it was from my throat. "Shut up!" I admonished myself like Dad used to during such coughing fits - when he would rock progressively to the point his backside was practically lifted off the seat.

Pic of the day: God, my head looks huge and doesn't Grannie look fearsome! I remember pushing tennis balls up those holes in the wall.


  1. your head might look big in this shot, but nothing like the size it appears in the paddling pool shot - actually freaky! Pretty sure the skirt I am wearing here was one granny turned up for me and famously remarked whilst I was standing on a chair having it pinned, "What a big bottom you've got - if I were your mother, I would give it a good smack!" - I felt particularly aggrieved as i couldn't help the size of said derriere, and had not been otherwise naughty or deserving of a smack!!

  2. I do the "Shut up" line as well when I've had a good session of coughing. It's almost said under your breath to admonish yourself.

    As for the photo, my main observation is Beck's very savage fringe and the way Paul's shorts are hoiked up under his arm pits - as indeed the old boy always wore them.