Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We're on a run here ...

Two Dadisms have cropped up in a conversation with Beck just now ...

"To apply your mind to": to ponder seriously and in a considered manner about - usually at a time when you'd rather be doing something else and about a topic you seldom want to think about anyway.

Writing 'first class' on an envelope. A thoroughly pointless exercise but one which I still do - with a red stamp.

Pic of the day: Another gem from that photo album - of Uncle Andrew and Aunt Pat, of  course, in front of table mountain in S Africa. What a fabulous, colourful, vibrant pic with the pair of them looking in fine form. [Is that another Dadism?] Worth forwarding to Juliet, Beck?

Catching the slips!

Having never really understood "caught the slips" when Dad used to say it - particularly in tennis - I found myself using it in the correct context at a cricket match the other evening!

Monday, 24 June 2013

A very short one

'k you, an abbreviation of "thank you" pronounced as just "cure". Bertie's just picked it up from me.

Pic of the day: Now this is the main reason for the post: a truly classic pic of Dad "selling Ayrshires in Sussex". It's taken from a retrospective photo album he compiled at our request in his final years and which the kids recently rediscovered on the book shelves. Plenty more where this comes from ...