Monday, 24 June 2013

A very short one

'k you, an abbreviation of "thank you" pronounced as just "cure". Bertie's just picked it up from me.

Pic of the day: Now this is the main reason for the post: a truly classic pic of Dad "selling Ayrshires in Sussex". It's taken from a retrospective photo album he compiled at our request in his final years and which the kids recently rediscovered on the book shelves. Plenty more where this comes from ...



  1. Loved the pic - it could almost be a little boy pretending to drive a car (inc. making the engine noise). Also love the peacock-like sprouty bit at the back of his head - know where I get it from now...

  2. Yes, very good mental image John - Gosh that haircut was severe, although I know that's how it was in his day!
    Thanks for the pic Paul, and yes please to more!
    As for 'Cue - thanks for reminding me - I've been enjoying saying it to myself all day!