Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bath time

I loved it when Dad used to suspend the towels over John and I in the bath making it into a sort of watery tent. I can still remember how the acoustics of the splashing would change. All jolly exciting at the time. Then he would hold a smaller towel by its top corners below his face, smile cheesily, gradually raise the towel past his face and the reveal a grimace when his face was again revealed. Happy days.

Pic of the day: We know this one well, of course. It's from the slides I had put on CD. But worth another airing as summer nears. Don't forget that hat for Portugal, Ma!


  1. I remember the towels over the bath, where did you drag that one up from? Not sure how he secured them so that they didn't fall in - any tips as I try this with Aidan on Sunday?

  2. Also, what about our trunks? Perhaps we should reprise the matching stripey-hipster trunks for Portugal as well?