Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sunday best

"Don't swear: it's Sunday". Found myself saying this ... on Sunday, not surprisingly. Like the inference that the Lord (a Dadism in itself, I think) won't mind if you to f and b any other day of the week.

Pic of the day: This one's not really old enough for a place on the blog but, heh, it's 10 years old now and will get us in the mood for Suffolk three weeks hence. Just hope it's a bit warmer than this pic looks. Click on it for full size.



  1. Only 10 years ago, but look how tiny everyone is!! I look particularly cold.

  2. I have posted a comment on this and it's disappeared...
    ANyway - as I said before the kids look so tiny compared to the monsters they are now - it is always this cold on the beach except on very rare occasions - I like the stoical looks on everyone's faces! I'm sure there must have been a fair amount of sand in those sarnies!

  3. oops - just spotted first post - I'm a bozo

  4. Yes, "the Lord" you are right is a good Dadis and one he used in many contexts - on a holy theme - have we had "Christ al-ruddy-mighty!" yet?