Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two more - and first radio clip

I have a feeling that I'm now blogging to about the same number of people as I broadcast to on hospital radio. Anyway, here are two more:

- "Can I make a suggestion?": usually asked when a suggestion is not required and will be summarily ignored anyway.

- "What time is it on your watch?": as if it would be significantly different if the time was read on anyone else's watch.

Radio clip of the day: Let's go back to 1985. We're on the Radio 1 breakfast show and Mike Read is about to reveal all (well, a bit, anyway) about Paul and John's love lives ...


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Grannie Easter special

Here are two that Mum came out with while having a pub lunch on Saturday. I record them on her behalf:

"Does anyone mind if I don't talk for a while?" - said when a meal arrives after a long wait and usually followed by sarcastic: "Oh, yes, we do!"s.

"Complete amateurs" - Dad's verdict on any agricultural personages participating in TV programmes, as actors or professionals.

Letter of the Day: Mum was a prolific letter writing during my university days. Here she is in 1983 talking about Beck and Mitch, Grannie's old fur coat, John's fireworks party and Adam's efforts in the back passage (ooh-err, missus) among other things. Click on the first page to take you to a folder where you can read them all:

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Stage connection

Here's a couple I've found myself saying recently:

"Untouched by human hand!" - said proudly when actually to touch the object in question with your hands wouldn't matter at all.

"Come here, you wee bugger!" - said to entice a ball from under a rather low bush often while thrashing at it furiously with a tennis racquet. I came out with this one involuntarily during a game of soccer in the garden with Bertie.

Pic of the day: We've had TV footage, archive audio and letters - and now it's time for the medium of the stage. We went to see Goodnight Mister Tom (a WW2 evacuee drama) in Leeds last weekend. When reading the reviews afterwards I saw this pic of Mr Tom. His quizzical expression in particular reminds me of Pa.