Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two more - and first radio clip

I have a feeling that I'm now blogging to about the same number of people as I broadcast to on hospital radio. Anyway, here are two more:

- "Can I make a suggestion?": usually asked when a suggestion is not required and will be summarily ignored anyway.

- "What time is it on your watch?": as if it would be significantly different if the time was read on anyone else's watch.

Radio clip of the day: Let's go back to 1985. We're on the Radio 1 breakfast show and Mike Read is about to reveal all (well, a bit, anyway) about Paul and John's love lives ...


1 comment:

  1. That radio clip is all rather embarrassing - not quite sure what Tracey would have thought of it, though no doubt she was probably starry eyed with love to not notice...

    The "can I make a suggestion" is a good one - I occasionally dust that one off.