Thursday, 5 May 2011

Another sporty one

Last night at Cubs I was bowling in a game that's a sort of cross between dodgeball and rounders. "Spread the field, spread the field. We've got a big hitter here," I instructed, waving my arm behind me when one of the older lads stepped up to the crease. Which is what Dad used to say when we played cricket or rounders in the garden or beach.


  1. When we had the baseball game in the circle last time you were all over, I recall saying the same thing when Freddie stepped up to the plate and he duly obliged with a home run of sorts.

  2. The bowling Dadisms are coming thick and fast ...

    Last night playing cricket in the garden with the kids the ball landed a few yards from my feet. I stayed where I was, just pointing towards the stationery ball (obvious to my fellow fielder) and raising my eyebrows as if to say: "There it is. Pick it up for me."