Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Intelligent question and reversing a car

1. "Can I ask an intelligent question?" Dad would ask before posing a query which would result in an answer he actually knew and everyone would disagree with.

2. When anyone was reversing out of the drive Dad would stand in the middle of the road pretending to halt the [non-existant] traffic with one hand and beckoning the driver with the other - as I do with the mother-in-law when she leaves after Sunday supper. Dad must have been a frustrated traffic cop, I think.

Pic of the day: The happy twins, hands firmly clasped.


Friday, 9 August 2013

Two more tennis ones

"Deuce", the scorer calls. "Orange, please!" Dad replies, guffawing at his very unfunny and oft cracked joke. And sometimes he'd play the ball to a corner, we'd return it directly to him then he'd jink it to another corner with the call: "Run!" Just been doing that to Bertie.

Pic of the day: A relatively recently vintage, this one, from 2005. Fine volume, seldom off my bedside table.