Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Grannie Easter special

Here are two that Mum came out with while having a pub lunch on Saturday. I record them on her behalf:

"Does anyone mind if I don't talk for a while?" - said when a meal arrives after a long wait and usually followed by sarcastic: "Oh, yes, we do!"s.

"Complete amateurs" - Dad's verdict on any agricultural personages participating in TV programmes, as actors or professionals.

Letter of the Day: Mum was a prolific letter writing during my university days. Here she is in 1983 talking about Beck and Mitch, Grannie's old fur coat, John's fireworks party and Adam's efforts in the back passage (ooh-err, missus) among other things. Click on the first page to take you to a folder where you can read them all:

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  1. Perfect snap-shot of the time and brings back a lot of memories - vaguely remember Mitch and do recall the fireworks party which was my first big hosted event at Maiden Erlegh. Also the whole idea of adjusting Grannie's fur coat for Beck is very evocative of the times.