Friday, 16 September 2011

Summer round-up - and a great letter

Here's a few that Beck and I came up with mainly over the Bristol and Naworth weekends:

- "I'll read that in bed tonight": when provided with some bulky reading material.

- Making wavy actions (usually too many) with hands to indicate a shapely figure.

- 'Middle piece': a catch-all term to cover the nether regions.

- A peculiar way of pretending to box - involving one fist and the other hand cupped under the chin.

- "Go and see/pay the lady/man": an instruction to make an enquiry or pay for something which you don't want to do yourself.

- "Bring back as much change as possible": what to aim for when you pay the man.

- "Move over the bed": a request for mores space regardless of whether you're in bed or not. (Usually you're not).

- "Oi!": startled response whenever someone switches off the light in the room you're in.

- A knowing nod with eyebrows raised when greeting someone.

Letter of the month: Here's an absolute classic from Beck. Click on the extract below or here to read all six pages of the steamy revelations - mainly from a party which Adam went to as well. It's all there: passionate snogging with "Life Assurance Simon" then "Ken" (who?) spraying Beck's hair blue and gold to say nothing of the "gussetted playsuit" for which I think we really need an explanation. Very funny in a Bridget Jones sort of way with some great one-liners and I love the pace it's all written at.

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  1. A couple of goodies in here - particularly the "Oi" and "Middle piece". The second was so typically Dad - descriptive, yet vague enough not to get anywhere near vulgar. Remember the boxing thing as well, was not until years later did I realize the cupping of the hand was in fact how his hand would have been inside the boxing glove.

    One more I thought of the other day (which I think we've captured already) is holding your ears when something fragile / breakable is in the process of falling over and you can't do anything about it. It's instinctive as I found out the other day when Aidan dropped a saucepan...