Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Aldbourne Avenue Event, June 1977

Does anyone remember much about this? Been thinking back to it what with all the diamond jubilee stuff coming up.

I think that the 'event' may have been a treasure hunt. Beck, John and I somehow ended up finding someone's lost dog [not part of the hunt] and thereby dubbed ourselves [in a silly voice, said in unison]: "The dog finders!" My diary [pocket format only at the time, unfortunately] says that there was a bike race and swimming. I also recall that we befriended Karen Done and her family during the festivities and build-up.

Funny to think that our kids are roughly the same ages now as we were when.

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  1. I do recall the day (would have been 10), but mostly only around the slow bicycle race in the church car park at the end of the road. Vague recollections of swimming and finding dogs, but not much else. I recall I was as excited as a dog with two tails in the lead up.