Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Catching tennis balls

Found myself with Aidan this afternoon in Dukes Ave garden with a tennis ball and racket and started to play catch.  It recalled those endless summers evenings when we all used to stand at intervals in the back garden and Dad would punt ball after ball for us all to catch.  No matter how weak or errant our throws back to him, he always seemed to get it back with out having to move.


  1. then if you dropped it at the side, he would shout "caught the slips!" - still don't really understand this!

  2. Ah! More contributions to the blog. Great! "Caught in the slips" is a cricket ref. How long have you been out of the country, Poode?! I sometimes use the catch game with all the Cubs as a filler. I start by doing simple catches worth 20p then build up to hundreds of pounds, then thousands until sometime calls out: "Infinity pounds!" The lads love it. Good rucking opportunity for them.