Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Holiday reading

Dad always used to buy the local paper when we were on holiday - to see the auction prices, essentially. I do likewise - as I did only last week on Anglesey when I availed myself a copy of The Holyhead & Anglesey Mail. A good read with lots of stories about places I'd been to or through as were The Shetland Times and The Orcadian on previous cycle tours.

Before I know it I'll be tying piles of library books up with string (and getting someone to put their finger on the knot).

Pic of the day: What an absolute classic - from the days kids wanted to be bus conductors and Indians rather than celebrities. Beck has never looked cuter. (Click once on pic for full size).



  1. Great Dadism about the books - always recall how he would have at least two piles of them filling up the car - most about the Boer War or WW1. Mum always complaining how he never read half of them. You wonder what the old boy would have made of the Kindle/iPad world where it can all be done one one small device.

  2. As for the pic, agree, Beck does look quite the mischievous little Tom Boy, but very cute all the same.

  3. I went through a phase of tying books up with string for holidays until I realised how much easier it is just to put them in a carrier bag!!
    As to the pic of that adorable little girl - I just can't take my eyes off the flexibility of those hips!