Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cheering at borders

Don't know if this is actually a Dad-ism, a general Kirkwood-ism or, indeed, peculiar to my family ... but we always clap and cheer when crossing an national border within the UK as we did last week going to and returning from Scotland.

Pic of the day: We know the grannie ... but who was the baby? The pic is dated on the back from June 1985. Answers on a postcard, please [or within the comments box would do].


  1. Well - firstly yes - we cheer when we pass the "Suffolk" county sign on the A12 so yes it's possibly in the family - or maybe all families do it...?!
    As to the pic - the "grannie" is in fact Aunt Peggy I think and the baby possibly Toby Kirkwood...? I think she used to go up and stay with Tim, didn't she? Although the baby looks rather like Mads it ovbiously can't be... mmm good poser (the question, not AUnt P!)
    ALso just had another belly laugh with Mads at the pic of me and Paul looking like a couple of retards with mum and baby John - SOOOOOO funny. who'd have thought I'd turn out to be such a looker!

  2. No idea about the baby, they would be late 20's now, so likely not so cute now... Maybe this was taken at the big family event at Grangely(?) Farm - recall that was mid eighties.