Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Not an original Dadism but, as Beck and I recalled in London last week, a term of abuse he favoured and which, sadly, seems to have gone out of fashion.

Pic of the day: Dad wrestles with a changing tent at Embleton Bay in Northumberland in 1981.


  1. Good word twerp - I had been using "dollop" when telling Aidan he had done something stupid, but twerp is better. Remember the pic too - can really see the gale force winds tearing at the thin fabric, though shame it's not the classic yellow daisy toweling version...

  2. I don't remember this red tent at all! Glad to see the vest strap peeping out! wonder if it was string....
    "twerp" is a great Dennis the Menace type of word - along with "pest" and "softie boy" - all very useful in the right situation.
    Thanks for posting Paul!