Monday, 18 November 2013

Two international Dadisms

As nominated by Beck, "Hon-he-hon-he-hon!" is an expression delivered in a nasal, cod French accent that can be used to react to pretty much anything vaguely Gallic.

When I was waiting for a card transaction to go through at an Italian restaurant on Sunday I filled the gap by asking the waitress: "So which part of Italy are you from?" in a sort of Dad-ish manner.

Pic of the day: Not such an easy rider ...


  1. Well, poor old mule, that's what I say - it looks none too happy with dad on top and Dad looks like GOdfrey from Dad's Army - slightly bemused and a bit nervous! Thanks for the pic Paul!

  2. Great pic, though I think the ho-he-hon-he-hon was claimed by me earlier - recall it started with Beck's French pen pal who came over, can't remember her name - something like Dommie?