Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New online family tree

Here is the link to a great new family tree produced by Chris Kirkwood, a distant relative in Australia (our grandfathers were brothers), with whom I was put in contact by Uncle James. Now you find out precisely where that middle name we're all so fond of came from and see a pic of our great grandfather and great grandmother. Youthful pic of Aunt Peggy on there too. A fascinating browse, in my view. As you will see I've supplied Chris with some archive and contemporary pics. There are a few errors but providing updates becomes a bit of a time bandit ...
To access the tree click sign in as me. User name: pkkirkwood. Password: Suttonbank01. Move your cursor to the top left and 'Family Trees' then 'Kirkwood family tree' will appear below. You can zoom in and out and scroll around to see people you're interested in. Clicking on the little green arrows at the bottom of each person takes you to their siblings. To centre the tree on someone just click on them then 'View his/her family tree'. Have a play.
Pic of the day: What a bunch of squirts! Particularly those two in the front - and doesn't Uncle Andrew look tall? The back of pic reveals only that it was taken in Scotland c. late 1930s, I guess.



  1. Loved the family tree, most interesting, especially the photos. Can't say I've seen many photos of Granny and Grandad Kirkwood - I can see some resemblance in the original Granny K in me. As for the photo, had to do a double take that Andrew was not a parent, weird how much bigger and grown up he looks when I didn't think there was a massive difference in ages. Good to see that Dad has plenty of room to grown in to those shorts!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Poode. Glad someone's enjoying my handiwork!