Thursday, 13 February 2014

more phrases!

Firstly though, thanks for the recordings Paul - I don't remember the give me 5 minutes more while wrestling with Mum anecdote - although it seems to sum up well his constant rebuffs from Mum in the cuddling department - they were very ill-matched in that way, weren't they...

Also - what a CUTEY!! (I was) as you say Paul - and that romper is adorable - where did it all go wrong...?! Adam's pose is rather grandfatherly and no idea who my boyfriend in the middle is - maybe Russell from next door? (horrid name, Russell)

SO, today I'd like to add Paul's "now you're talking" which we may already have logged, but deserves to be enjoyed again I think.  How did it come up...?  I described the Colditz youth hostel in the old German guards' quarters where we are staying next week and Paul responded with ...."now you're talking".

ANother one that popped into my head the other day was (and sorry again if repeating) when we were putting off the moment of getting up in the morning and so Dad would threaten - "If you don't get out bed now, I will pull you out feet first!"  He did it too,  I seem to remember and it wasn't nice crashing to the floor in your jimmies!

Keeeeeeeeeeeeep posting!

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  1. Not sure that "Now you're talking" is an exclusive Kirkwood oddity, but do recall it being used. As for pulling you out of bed feet first, absolute classic and not collected before. Do remember thinking to myself "He'll never really pull me out feet first" only to find out he would...