Monday, 23 November 2015

The squits

I don't think Dad invented this word for diarrhoea but it was his term of choice for the condition as became evident during his retirement globetrotting, if you excuse the pun. I was reminded of the term when talking to John over the weekend and he referred to Freddie's malaise when Beck visited him in Brighton, poor fella. (For the malaise not the visit of his beloved mother, of course). My favourite alternative term for the illness - and there are many - is the Cairo quickstep.

Pic of the day: To start getting us in the mood for Christmas although it's rather early here we all are with the JBKs on Christmas Day 1982. Nice perm, Beck. Easy to nest the paper hat on top ...

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  1. The squits - I think it was originally a term for when a cow's plops go from kind of mashed potato consistency to a consommé.... Good word - it has a pleasing onomatopoeic element to it. (the word!)
    As for the pic - my hair!!! DOn't the JBKs know how to gurn for a photo. Paul please can you send this pic to me so I can forward it to Andy - think he'll enjoy it.
    Also like revisiting Mum's idea of Christmas house decorating - piece of (dead) foliage shoved behind a wonky picture...