Friday, 22 January 2016

Wiping down the tops

Dad always favoured using a "hot, soapy cloth" for this task and not a silly little sheet of kitchen paper like Martin (Issitt) and I. He would also rub the table mats so vigorously in a repeated, circular motion that he almost wore off the pictures on them (of old horse paintings, I recall).

Pic of the day: In honour of the Masters' snooker championships at Ally Pally last weekend here's a pic of our own snooker legends in action, Christmas 1984.


  1. Finally found out why my previous comments have not been registered - Grrrrr! Anyway - I would like to claim ownership of "hot soapy cloth" (in that I said it to Paul in a text yesterday!) - thanks to Paul for entering it and that HILARIOUS photo! Dad has certainly got a very upright stance for the game. Oddly I don't really recall Dad playing snooker... Where is that snooker table now? What is that jumper John is wearing??

  2. Reading you loud and clear, Sissy. And yes: the credit is all hours of course.
    Dad wasn't a snooker player; this pic was posed - by me, presumably. Table in our study and as for that fetching home-knit ... over to you, Poode ...

  3. That jumper is one Mum knitted - I found the cows cute but quickly realized I looked like a complete dork, hence it was reduced to home wear only. Neck lines were never Mums knitting forte, recall another that practically throttled me. Good post who ever came up with it - his zest for cleaning the place mats was unsurpassed.