Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Two more Dadisms - and a sound clip

A couple for you:

1. "Gently, Bentley" - as I said while edging the car down a snowy lane.
2. "You make my blood boil!".

Clip of the day:

All I will say about this is that I discovered it on a tape of old radio recordings, I've no idea how it came to be recorded and it's astonishing to listen to after all these years. (The pic is from a Dales auction mart which Beck, Mads, the kids and I visited in 2007). Hope you appreciate the technical accomplishment of getting this online! There are more clips where this comes from.


  1. Wow, what a step back in time that was and congrats on finding it and more to the point digitizing it... Particularly like the intro: "Mr Biggar is a master breeder... [pause].. and there's nothing else to add to that statement" i.e. Dad had forgotten the other points he was going to make. Other notes are my brief contribution of ringing the bell at the beginning and what a good auctioneer he was, the way he draws out the bids and at several points nearly stopping before kicking off again. Finally the way he naturally knew the farmers name and location who ended up owning the cow.

  2. Fine bell ringing, indeed. What a cameo! I agree with your comments. The rhythm of Dad's auctioneering is such a strong characteristic in itself.

    Still wonder where the recording came from. Perhaps the local radio was there?

    I've bought an analogue to digital USB recorder which basically connects the hi-fi to the computer. Been thinking of getting one for ages and, having found this tape, decided to invest. Expensive at £50 and I'll only use it once in a while but when I do I will enjoy it [having spent ages getting it working]. A Christmas present to myself.