Friday, 26 November 2010

"I say!"

Dad would often use this exclamation to attract attention over the general hubbub of conversation before saying something he considered important. Like "shall I bash the spuds?" or "what time's lunch, Pat?" [we're back to food again].

He also went through a phase of saying "morning" repeatedly to every family member he met in an inappropriately formal fashion. I think he picked this up from the round-the-world cruises and cattle conferences.

Pic of the day: Beck and I look like a couple of retards from an austere 60s children's home. Mum again "looking bonny" [another minor Dad-ism, I think].


  1. What a hilarious picture. Beck looks like some sort of Goblin and Paul as though he's just being packaged off to Auschwitz. Kris likes Beck's top though. As for Ma, it's the first time I've really seen the similarity with Adam now.

    As for "I say" - at first I didn't recall it, then realized it was more "I say-ay" - more as a way of getting attention rather than exclamation. Good one.


  2. "Auschwitz"! Love it. I've never enjoyed insulting myself more. Dead right about Ma/Adam too.