Friday, 19 November 2010

recurrent themes and random favourites

Have you noticed that most dadisms can be grouped together under only a few themes - namely eating, sleeping and tennis!?

'Random favourites' refers to his tendency to develop an unexplained soft spot for people connected to us and then ask obsessively how they are eg he was always very keen on "Carolyn makes the grade" (carolyn fulwell, who was never a particular friend or particularly known to dad). Also - "how are Janet and Brian?" - my rather tedious neighbours in suffolk - again, hardly close friends! he was always enquiring after Maggie too for some reason - maybe the santa outfit did the trick there. Then of course if I ever saw Sylvia it was "how is Peter's farm?" (her brother, who i never saw and oddly enough on whom i didn't get a regular bulletin from sylvia either - though i did ask her from time to time simply so as have a reply for him! God I miss him...

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  1. Funny how you suggest the broad categories and at the sametime I conveniently post a Dadism to one of them.

    As for fascination with random friends, surely nothing tops his adoration of my friend Tim, or to give him his full name, That Lovely Man Tim. Tim is indeed lovely: Tall, handsom, polite, wife and 2 kids and a good career at Barclays. Dad even started to stalk him almost - watching him play football in Sol Joels an even standing outside his wedding. Tim always was very good with him, even curbing his swearing while on the footy pitch. Beat the Carolyn Fulwell!