Thursday, 11 November 2010

hereditary hair rubbing

Spooky moment yesterday when Freddie came out of the shower having washed his hair and started extremely hard and frantic hair rubbing with a towel finishing with a dry, but very vertical head of hair - all mad professor - just like dad used to do. it must be hereditary as he would never have seen dad do it! (or is it just something most men do?!)
It reminded me that Dad would also offer the same treatment to anyone else with wet hair - it was somewhat painful, but quite effective and strangely nice after a freezing swim in the sea.


  1. Best way to warm up, if you ask me! I still dry my hair with great zeal, always finishing by putting the towel across my head and then pulling it vigourously from side to side.

  2. I too am a vigorous rubber, though my technique is more short, high velocity finger tip rubbing. You'll also be glad to hear I'm instilling this in Aidan with much complaining.