Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I'm back! Pics and milk memories

Loving the vintage pics - and wow mum you do look great in those shorts! adam looks distinctly sulky, but then if he's just been attacked by paul.... i wonder in the other pic if i've just had sand thrown in my eyes by paul..... (or maybe just another gale force wind on a bleak welsh beach!)
I lIke the carpet reminder and the mispronunciations - did he also call Cafe Uno "Cafe You-Know" ?!(or was that someone else?)
Also on the a milkman theme - of course he wasn't called the milkman, was he, but the "dairyman". I think there was also much longing for "gold top" (extra creamy milk) long after they stopped doing it. Then of course every pudding had to have "top of the milk" on it.

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  1. "Dairyman": LOL! That's a cracker - and neatly on the same theme. I never heard Cafe You-Know but I like it.

    I should clarify that my scratching was on the pic of Adam and not his actual face! Makes me sound thorough nasty.