Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Shoe polishing

I polished my shoes this morning for the first time in years and made me recall the zeal and enthusiasm Dad put in to keeping his shoes shiny. Pretty much every morning as I recall, but certainly for church on Sundays, the old tin with fragments of dried out polish and mangy brushes would be brought out. His patented technique of clenching the heel of the shoe between the knees and then vigorously shining the toes by pulling the cloth back and forth at high speed, still works a treat.

Not sure where this sudden burst of Dadisms has come from...


  1. Keep 'em coming! Good to have another regular contributor.

    Do you remember that red, metal shoe-cleaning box we had with a flap either side of the handle which lifted up to reveal the tins and rags?

    Like you, I do the 'between the knees' technique. I always drop my trousers to avoid getting polish on them.

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  3. "I always drop my trousers to avoid getting polish on them." What a sight that must be - TMI...

    I do remember the box now that you mention it, though I think on later years it was replaced by an old cake tin.