Thursday, 3 March 2011

Archive letter

Time for another golden oldie, I think, partly prompted by the passing of Feb 27 which always makes me think of Pa. Here's the first letter he sent me after I'd gone up to university (Oct 81). It includes some funny gags, a mention of Doris and good Dadism too ["exercise your personality"]. Click on the icons below once to open the letter so it fits your screen and twice to see it at full A4 size. Several more where this comes from.


  1. Priceless - I can almost hear him reading this. Highlights for me:

    - Calling you "Sunshine" - a classic Dadism if ever I've heard one
    - The tongue in cheek reference to joining stupid clubs
    - The offer of 5 pounds B&B (no discount)
    - The office politics inc. Michael turning up at 9.10AM - the horror!

    Most of all, it's a reminder in this day and age where communications can be dashed off anytime to anywhere of the value of sitting down and writing a letter.

  2. Its amazing where you dig all this stuff up from Paul.

    I particularly enjoyed Dad's indignation of Michael Kimber bowling into the office at 9:10 !!! No doubt Michael realised this would wind Dad up a bit !!!