Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Whenever one of us caught Dad in just his voluminous underwear (quite a common occurrence given the Kirkwood lack of modesty), we would feign shock only for Dad to claim "They're clean and they're Woolsey!" Not sure why being Woolsey was meant to make his appearance seem more respectable, but logic wasn't meant to enter in to these quotes.

There were several more that came up over the weekend, but sadly I didn't note them at the time and now can't recall them - perhaps you can Beck?

I will though leave you with the sight that greeted me early Sunday morning when I came down early for breakfast. Mother had kindly laid out the breakfast things (plate, bowl, egg cup, cutlery etc). As I sat there eating my Weetabix, I could almost see the old boy shuffling about in his slippers, white hair tousled and wearing a karkhi v-neck jumper, as he got my porridge ready and repeatedly asking whether I wanted a boiled egg or not. I badly missed his company.


  1. While we're in nostalgia mode I spotted a programme in the listings today that Dad would've loved. "Mud, Sweat and Tractors: the Story of Agriculture. Part 1: Milk. Man's relationship with the land". BBC4 9pm tonight.

  2. Funnily enough if anyone in my family displays distress at the sight of me in my smalls, I always counter it with "well they're clean!" although not the make!
    I know just what you mean John about missing Dad at no 33 - it's less of a pang now that i've been so many times, but I always miss him there. The worst bit is when i'm reversing out of the drive and there's no one there to helpfully (not!)direct me out onto the road and then to wave their hanky.