Friday, 18 February 2011

How to describe expense - and another vintage sound clip

Things aren't expensive. They cost "many, many pennies" [said in a weary Scottish accent perhaps shaking head from side to side].

Clip of the Day: Here's something that was almost left on the cutting room floor after my Christmas Day 1977 edit. The best bit's at the start when John's asking the maths question. Doesn't he sound like a prep school pipsqueak? I sound like a jerk - and Adam sounds exactly the same as now. Still all lovely accents - and that's the reason that Mum said she and Dad shelled out for our education ...



  1. Another amazing clip!!! Yes John does sound like a prep school pipsqueak and Paul sounds just like Freddie even in the intonation in his voice. Did my voice really sound like that? Does is still sound like that now?

  2. Love it! Adam sounds EXACTLY the same, Paul is in between deep and high pitched, and Nonny just sounds posh! My fave bit, from Nonny; 'Maths.No. Fours into twenty eight.' With a very prominent 't' on the end!

  3. Adam, you really do sound exactly the same where as I think (or is that hope) that my voice has changed a tad. Also like the grandiose count down from 10