Monday, 14 February 2011

more randoms

Forgot to put in my last comment that you unwittingly did a Dadism in your post re the video, Paul, by saying so specifically the date of its appearance. Dad was always one for remembering the exact year something rather obscure happened. eg - talk of say him winning the featherweight boxing bout at Reading School...Year? 1941 (or whatever..) I never can remember years, so I have not inherited this trait.

Re:random Frenchisms - had a great chuckle over i-en, i-en, i-en - had completely forgotten this one - THANKYOU FOR REMEMBERING!! . His other French favourites were to declare with gusto; "mais oui!" Not forgetting of course my formal title of "Mademoiselle L'eglise de Bois".

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  1. We're on a roll here ...

    May I add to the French-isms with "creme de la tete"? Quite why Dad called cream 'head cream' is beyond me [and it sounds a bit rude] but such are Dadisms.

    ["-ien, -ien, -ien" still making me chuckle!]

    While I'm on may I suggest a minor change to posting protocol? I think we ought to be more specific what the Dadism is in the heading for easier future ref.