Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Calming phrases

1. Doing things "quietly", i.e. calmly and even if the activity wouldn't ordinarily make noise anyway.
2. "Gently, bently." As above.
3. "Don't break the toy". Used especially at Christmas when we were trying to open or start something with too more urgency and insufficient care [even if it wasn't a toy].

And one other, on a different topic:

"You are the man for the job!" - said every time I went for an interview. Great confidence to have in your lad! Then there was Dad's urge at these moments to "exercise your personality".

Pic of the day: Aunt Mollie pretends to look impressed as Mum proudly models the latest in lightshade chic c. 1962.


  1. Love being reminded about gently-bently - again, wonder if this was dad's own phrase...mmmm
    Don't remember "Don't break the toy" must have been directed at you impatient boys - i was no doubt settling down to my "French knitting made easy" kit....

    LOVE this pic - where are they coming from these? I loved Aunt Molly - interesting to ponder how old she actually is in this shot - porb not as old as she looks. Yes, mum really fancies herself in this hat and I used to wear those shorts!! (IF' they're the blue and white stripy ones.)
    Can't remember ever excercising my personality - reserved just for you Paul I guess!

    Great posts, thank you and please keep pics coming.xx

  2. I saved the pics from when Mum had a clear-out and came across them at the bottom of my desk drawer the other day and thought they'd suit the blog. Just found another batch which will keep us going for a while yet. Some classics among them!

  3. I like them dribbling in one at a time to keep us amused (well you and me, anyway!)