Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Some pics too this time

1. "Apply your mind to ..." To think properly about something rather than skate over it. Used this when talking to Beck last night about which US holiday house to go for.

2. The cheese and biscuits conundrum. When new guests [usually girlfriends or boyfriends] were invited to The Club for Sunday lunch for the first time Dad would ask them after pudding if they would like cheese and biscuits. Mmmm, the guest would think. Is it polite to say yes or is the old fella just being polite? And what if no-one else joins me? Jenni, we believe, said yes and then had to endure the looks of surprise and amusement on the other diners' faces and then to eat the said cheese and biscuits while everyone watched.

And here for no reason - other than I've just come across some old pics in my drawer - is a pic of Mum and a cow. [I won't do the obvious joke - but she doesn't look too enamoured with the beast does she?] Click on the pic to see it at full size.


  1. Wow great pics - mum looks a bit like Uli in the cow shot (thin version, obviuosly, Mum!) and I love the fixed grin she's assumed in the second shot. Nice dress mum!!!
    Also - is that nail varnish??

  2. The first pic is a cracker - the utter dejection at having to spend an evening with a load of BOFs (Boring Old Farmers).