Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A couple more food related ones...

  • (When having Scotch pancakes on a Sunday evening) - "Save that, I'll have it for my breakfast in the morning"
  • The classic: "I always like to give the chef a wee peck" and then chasing mum around the table
  • (When having pre-lunch drinks to mum) - "The potatoes aren't boiling over are they", to which she exasperatedly replies "I don't know, why don't you go and check"
  • Not a quote, but a memory - when carving how he would use the carving fork to feed himself large, dripping slices of fatty meat. Same for the mash potato, where a tea spoon was needed to "test" the spuds
  • When asking for what he wanted for Christmas, it was always the chocolate mouse
Funny how our father had so many memorable quotes (or catch phrases) - especially when he wasn't a great conservationist.

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  1. Oh i love these - keep em coming! particularly enjoyed the memory of the potatoes boiling over exchange that happened, well, most days i suppose! all those potatoes they must have eaten! we don't have them that much here!