Thursday, 23 September 2010

Going to bed

Going to bed very early was a particularly notable Dadism, and he would also announce the fact with "I thnk I'm going to retire now". When I have used this expression, this has caused some non-plussed guests to look quizzical - Paul and I used it this weekend without batting an eyelid!


  1. Can imagine guests saying: "Blimey, Becky. Retire? Thought you still had another 15 years to go at least." I was "retiring to my boudoir" at 16, of course.

  2. Don't forget that about five mins after he had gone upstairs, there was often the shouts of "Heaven" and lots of sighing, grunting etc before he fully settled about 8.30OM

  3. Love the "Heaven" recollection; I can hear it now.