Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A visit to Aldbourne

Now I'm in the homestead the Dad-isms are flowing:

- Whistling as you open the front door. [Dad had a two note signature, John did a sort of fanfare and, at one point, I did Woody Woodpecker - or it may have been the other way round].
- Throwing the newspaper - usually the Sunday Times sports section - at someone so that all its pages open and it falls on the floor in front of them - in response to a request for the paper. Just as I did to Adam tonight.
- "First class ruddy bore": used by me to describe myself when I kept blathering on about my clippings!

Also, last night, Jenni remarked about Polly's growth. My response: "Stand back to back, then", which they obligingly did. And, yes, Polly isn't too far behind.

1 comment:

  1. REALLY enjoyed these - yes your dadisms were flowing! I am going over today and will try and match you! I particularly enjoyed being reminded of "First class ruddy bore" - will start using that I think - sums certain people up very well - feel dad probably referred to Ken curtis in such terms! - not really a dadism, but has reminded me of dad doing the church auction and Ken over dramatically pointing at bidders from the back to "help" dad spot them!(First class ruddy bore, indeed!)
    RE:whistling - altho i was unaware of people's signature whistles til now, now that ou mention it - I do remember it.
    I've done "back-to-back" too - God, wasn't that ANNOYING!!