Thursday, 23 September 2010


I told Kris about this blog and she commented how Dad would always offer to carve - even if "the bird" [as chicken was always known] had just gone into the oven. He would also want to carve regardless of what was for dinner [eg casserole]. Then there was also the frantic sharpening of knives with the [actually pretty useless] steel and constant anxious request to Mum to check the oven, spuds, or whatever.

I also attach an archive pic of the day.


  1. Absolute hoot this one! i love the fact that poor little john has only his (frankly, scary little) eyes in shot. Also i seem to be somewhere else - maybe trying to look like greta garbo or someone! paul is the only one who looks normal!

  2. Beck does look like a mannequin and I think my eyes are more youthful mischief rather than scary...