Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lowering the tone a bit

Have been in an email chat with Beck about Aidan's potty training (which is finally getting there) and his penchant for whipping his willy out first then running off to find a tree to pee against. His exhibitionism reminded me of the old boys preference to have a wee at the end of the garden rather than the - sometimes closer - bathroom. Must run in the blood.

Also, while we're on the subject of the trouser department, was Dad the only person who referred to man bits as your "John Thomas"?


  1. I would add that widdling in the compost heap is supposed to be very good for compost production and obviously saves on water and getting mud on the carpet. I often do it when I'm outside and also encourage Bertie to. So I suppose I'm continuing this tradition although Pa wasn't as specific about what he was watering!

  2. In fact he latterly took to just weeing on mum's herb garden right by the kitchen window - which peed (!) mum off somewhat and thinking about it can't have improved the taste of the homemade herby stuffing she used to make...

    Re: JOhn Thomas - nice one to remember - but not just dad's phrase - pretty sure it appears in Lady Chatterley's Lover - Lady Chatt's parts had a name too, though can't remember what - must re-read...

  3. Just remembered - Lady Chatterley's parts were called (by naughty game-keeper - once played by Sean Fworrr Bean!!) "Lady Jane"