Wednesday, 8 September 2010


  • He had this nervous little habit of always checking the handbrake was off in the car - just reaching down and pressing the button
  • Polishing shoes - sadly I rarely do mine, but when I do, I always follow the same routine including the patented shoe between the knees and vigorously rubbing the toe cap with a cloth
  • Well remembered, but worth noting - The patented way of entering the sea by running in and then launching on to your back and kicking furiously. Deployed just last Sunday by yours truly
  • Shaving - I remember clearly the faces he used to pull with his top and bottom lips as he shaved in the morning. To this day, I use the same palmolive shaving soap and brush as the smell reminds me of him...


  1. yes i loved the whole shaving rigmarole and remember sitting on the bath to watch the action. He would then be more than happy to soap up your face aswell, which was always quite fun.
    As for the sea entry technique, I did it a couple of times into the pools in Tanzania when they were very cold, but only after Freddie had begged me under his breath not to do it!! (somehow it really does seem to help to cope with the cold shock...)

  2. Sea technique absolutely essential, I agree, and always used to this day.

    I agree re shoe cleaning too. I usually take my trousers down before polishing the shoe between my knees as otherwise I get polish on my trousers.

  3. I bet that gets Jenni excited!